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Is it okay to want

You’ve already achieved so many great things in your life. But you still feel a huge gap to fill and you don’t know what that needs to be filled with.

Let's talk about Becoming YOU

You are great at functioning, mostly for others. And often you feel stressed and overwhelmed. You feel as if you’ve lost yourself between your job, children, partnership and the household. The shoes you’ve been wearing for so many years - they don’t fit anymore.

- You want to take off those painful shoes and feel the ground, feel alive again.

- You want to feel happy and fulfilled.

- You want to feel valuable, no matter what you do and how productive you are.

- You want to feel peaceful and relaxed.

You rush from one commitment to the next. You live a life on the edge with no time to breathe. You feel tense. You love your yoga class and the relaxation it brings, but it doesn't last for long. You feel easily irritated and at the same time tired and depleted.


You feel unhappy despite having it all.


Is This You?

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Becoming YOU!

You want to feel grateful and have a long list of things you love about your life - but is it ok to crave for even more? For fulfilment, purpose and calm?

Some will tell you that life is like that. And that you should just relax. They are wrong. There is something much better than this.

 Tanja's Story


I have become much more self-confident and trust myself and my abilities. I have stopped constantly questioning and criticizing myself.

I am so much more in the flow, both in my business and in my personal life. I feel relaxed and tackle the things that really matter to me with confidence and courage.


I have understood that it is not "the outside" or "the others" who determine my life, but I, myself and that my own decisions are the key to the life I want to live.

 - Tanja Longerich -

What You Don't Need

  • You don't need additional mindfulness meditation.

  • You don't need additional training.

  • You don't need someone to search the past with you for explanations.

  • You don’t need to be fixed.

What You Need & Deserve

  • You need someone to help you come back into your balance.

  • You need someone who helps you to let go of the things that don't serve you anymore.

  • Someone who invokes in you clarity of what you really, really want.

  • Someone who guides you to really like being you.

     And you need it now.



My Name is Judith Peters.

I'm an understanding yet constructive Life Coach

After years of working in the corporate world and having success, I had a pull for more. This was uncomfortable at first but once I started to follow my longing, life started to open up for me...

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My Story

For many years I didn’t know who I was. Honestly, I suffered a lot! Emotionally and physically. I felt wrong for some reason. Something was missing. When I became a mother, this longing was mixed up with feelings of guilt. Guilty that I’m not happy and fulfilled - I still had these miserable feelings and pain was still part of my reality.


I did a lot of inner work and healing work. Just as I was in my everyday life, I was hardworking, striving, and diligent. I was a good client, doing what I thought needed to be done. A lot shifted but it didn’t prevent me from a huge crisis some years ago that accelerated my process.


In this storm, I finally found THE essential key: the feminine! This was a game changer! I started my journey to find my true self. I discovered what it means to be a woman and I learned how to integrate feminine qualities into my busy life. I learned to trust my inner knowing, my intuition and I fell in love with me.

Becoming Me


For many years I've been an expert in facilitating business transformations and working with groups.

I followed my longing and certified as a coach twice - I’m a certified soul-based coach and a certified systemic coach.

My purpose is to support women like you in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life who long for balance, inner clarity and connection with themselves so that they feel more alive, balanced and trust in themselves and their power.


My wish for you is that self-love is no longer a concept but like standing in a shower of delicious golden light you don’t want to miss a single day.

with me, Judith Peters.

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Becoming YOU

Becoming YOU is a 4-month deep dive, so you find balance, self-love and clarity to create the life you long for.

It is your unique journey from Overwhelm to Peace.

You’ll have me as your personal guide to support you. After our time together you’ll have:

New perspectives and insights that you never thought possible so that you feel empowered and self-confident

Much more balance so that you feel calm and peaceful even in challenging situations

Clarity about what you really, really want so that you feel absolutely clear about the steps to take

More self-love towards yourself, feeling cosy and safe so that your relationships flourish

Transformed old patterns and beliefs that held you back so that you feel liberated and powerful

Learned to trust yourself so that you feel confident finding answers to all challenges that will come your way

A backpack full of resources that are uniquely yours so that you feel ease and joy navigating your life

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Is Becoming YOU right for me?

This program is perfect for you if...

 You’re a woman wanting to feel fulfilled and balanced

You want to make real and lasting changes in your life

You don’t want to waste any more time being stuck in your thoughts

You want to break free from the patterns and beliefs that are holding you back

You want to live your life with confidence and clarity

You want to make choices that are fully aligned with who you really are

Star Cluster

This is Me!

Book a Call and let’s talk about Becoming YOU


Becoming YOU is NOT right for you if…

Are convinced that your life would be so much better if only the others around you would change.

Want your coach to tell you what to do and how to live your life.

Want to stick to the surface and you’re not ready to dig deeper.

Are not willing to invest time and energy in yourself.